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"East Tennessee Premier Japanese Restaurants, you will love our fresh sushi & menu items"

Visit our Knoxville and Maryville locations!

Location and hours of operation

Mon-Fri 11:00 to 2:30 to 5:00 -10 (Friday til 11:00) Sat-Sun Sat 12PM to 11PM Sunday 12PM to 9PM SEE OUR MARYVILLE MAP INSIDE

Customer Testimonials


Since moving from CA (the sushi capital of the US), I had despaired of ever finding a good Japanese restaurant. I have tried literally dozens of sushi restaurants in the greater Knoxville area, and most were just plain awful. I never expected to find a great one. Well, I can stop searching,Anaba is fantastic. They even have fresh uni! Not only do they serve fresh, delicious sushi and other Japanese treats, but they are “half Greek” and serve excellent Greek food as well. Their lemon/chicken/rice soup (The Greek name is “Avgolemono”)is one of the best I’ve had. If I lived any closer, I’d put back on all the weight I’ve lost eating there every chance I got. Go, you won’t be disappointed!

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